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        OUR BAMBOO

       All of our products are done with ,Chusquea Culeou a gramineae perennial bush of the bamboo subfamilly, this is one of eleven endemic bamboo species that grows in Chile , from humids creeks near Valparaiso by the north  to the cold and rainy forests in the South of Chile, in an absolutly natural and pesticide free environment.

            Our bamboo is almost unique in the whole world because it’s solid wood, not hollow, condition and known  as one of the most resistants. The totality of chinese  and  South East  Asia bamboos origin, are hollow 

Bamboo knot

Chusquea bamboo stock

Harvesting Chusquea bamboo in Temuco Chile

Adult canes next to be harvested

Bamboo wild growing close to Los Andes mountains in Chile

Freezed bamboo branch

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